Meet Mirna

Meet Mirna …

Mirna is a shining star at Wisenbaker Builder Services and an example of a former Co-op Student who took full advantage of her early work opportunity at WBS.

Starting part-time at Wisenbaker in September 1993, Mirna soon learned valuable lessons from her first real work experience that would help her later as she continued down her eventual career path. During her almost 23 years with the company, she has discovered that with hard work and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances, you can take a high school degree and turn it into a successful career.

Early on, Mirna exhibited a positive attitude and was willing to take on the task of learning new positions and applying a variety of new skills. She quickly began to understand the importance of dressing for success and preparing herself to adapt to whatever new challenge came her way.

Over the years, Mirna has been able to work in a wide variety of jobs at WBS that together have made her a very valuable and important team member and leader. She began working Part-time in our Customer Service department while attending school and was soon moved to our Expediting department, where her knowledge of the company was greatly expanded.

Mirnas’s ability to undertake new roles within the company gave her the opportunity to work in several areas including countertop and cabinet manufacturing along with helping manage the company’s window coverings division.

Today, Mirna supervises all Expediters dealing with all WBS products at the company’s Houston branch. Her leadership role includes managing the day-to-day office routine and working alongside the other departments to get WBS products installed on-time and in a professional manner.

From high school Co-op student to company leader, Mirna has demonstrated that with hard work and a willingness to accept new challenges, anyone can make an important contribution to the success of a company while at the same time, developing a meaningful, long-term career.