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Our Design Centers are individually designed to reflect the home builder’s unique brand identity and style. Every Design Center provides a full-service, concierge-style product selection program that is managed by our team of professional Design Consultants. You can rest assured that your home buyer will enjoy the experience of personalizing their new home. From cabinetry and counter tops to flooring and window coverings, we help each buyer’s individuality show through.

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Superior Care.
Budget Conscious.

We understand the care and attention you have invested in building a relationship with your home buyer. That’s why our professionally trained Design Consultants make sure to follow through with that same level of care. We ensure your home buyer has a pleasant experience from start to finish and that they feel supported as a Design Consultant helps choose products that reflect their taste and personality.

We recognize that each home buyer has a set budget to work with, and we are mindful of that. Our Design Consultants are well-versed in our product offerings and will help your buyer select products that complement their taste and budget.

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Driven by technology

VEO Design Studio
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VEO Design Studio® is an industry-leading operating system that:

  • Helps manage the buyer design appointment process
  • Provided on-the-spot pricing for selected upgrade products

The process of managing complex product selection and pricing combinations is streamlined resulting in a more efficient sales process and enhanced buyer experience.

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