Countertop Manufacturing Plant

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Installed Quality Assurance begins with Wisenbaker’s commitment to the latest in countertop fabrication equipment and processes.  Using cutting-edge templating technology, our field technicians are skilled in capturing the data needed to properly fabricate the specified countertop material. 

At our Houston-based manufacturing facility, we utilize state-of-the-art stone fabrication equipment together with proven finishing processes to produce natural stone and quartz countertops that meet our customer’s high standards.

For over 50 years, the Wisenbaker company has pursued excellence in all the products we install.   And from the quarry to the kitchen, Wisenbaker continues to set the standard for countertop suppliers nationwide.  

Cabinet Manufacturing Plant

Wisenbaker’s commitment to producing the finest cabinetry begins at its Texas-based production facility with the strategic sourcing of raw materials.  These important natural wood materials are carefully selected with the knowledge they will be the foundation for cabinetry that meets and exceeds the builder’s expectations.

Transforming raw wood materials into the finest cabinet products requires the combination of technology, proven processes and people skilled in their craft.  Technology plays a vital role in manufacturing in the execution of designed processes and in helping scale the business to meet the builder’s growing demands.

Following proven, documented processes is critical to the manufacturing of a reliable cabinet product day-in and day-out.  This business discipline is present throughout the Hillsboro manufacturing organization and results in cabinetry that consistently meets exacting specifications.

The craftsman’s touch can be seen in every Wisenbaker cabinet and is fundamental to delivering a final product that sets the standard in the homebuilding industry.  Our production team takes great pride in the Wisenbaker Cabinets brand and it shows in the attention that is given to each cabinet component, every step of the way.