The company began in 1970 as Wisenbaker Carpet and provided carpet installation services to builders in the Houston area. The Founder, John Wisenbaker Sr., established the company based on the core values of Attitude, Integrity, and Reliability.

Over the past 50 years, our business has experienced sustained growth by adding new products and expanding into new markets throughout Texas.

specializing in interior finishes

Today, Wisenbaker Builder Services is a global, direct source supplier to the Texas residential new construction market. Our target customers are local, regional and nationally-based production builders.

Our product offerings include cabinets, countertops, flooring, window coverings and a wide variety of sinks. Furthermore, we provide a full-service buyer experience through our company-owned and operated Design Studios.

In addition to serving all major Texas markets, we also have offices in Asia and Brazil that support our global product sourcing activities.

Vertical Integration

We are vertically integrated in two products: Cabinets and Countertops, which allows compelling competitive advantages like Cycle Time Accelerator and color and line matching.


  • We manufacture, install and service our cabinets
    • Brandom Cabinets Manufacturer Acquired in 2014
    • Greens Road Manufacturing Plant started in 2021 Countertops


  • Raw countertop slabs are manufactured into countertops that meet customers specifications at our state – of – the – art facility in Houston, Texas
  • We mine, manufacture, install and service our granite countertops
    • Granite slabs are sourced and cut for shipping by PBA Stones, a WBS sister company located in Brazil
  • Allows WBS to provide consistency as well as color and line matching that our competitors who use third party distributors cannot match